It’s Hott In The Studio

It’s Hott In The Studio : mixed media on canvas, 10 x 12 cm. 2014. Photo by Imago Mundi Collection.

Galeria Paloma is pleased to have Ernest Concepcion in its roster for ‘Un|Tethered,’ an exhibition for @artfairph that explores the concept that artists are not limited to one medium of creative expression, but are constantly challenging their creative trajectory with new mediums, forms, and collaborations.

A CCP Thirteen Artists Awardee, Concepcion is known for his heavily layered works and postmodernist themes, bringing about unexpected synapses and altering perception irrevocably with the use of disparate images from still life, warfare, mythology, and nature. ‘Mucky Muck,’ his central work for ‘Un|Tethered’, with a digital component created by art director and graphic designer @ajdimarucot, sparks with galvanic energy, both opposing and synchronized, much like the rest of the works by Concepcion that will be available at the fair.

Concepcion has held solo exhibitions here and abroad, as well as attended fellowships and residencies (he has recently completed a residency in Spain with Nectar Creatives-in-Residence). He has also been a finalist for the Drawing Category of the New York Foundation for the Arts and a nominee at the Joan Mitchell Foundation in New York; he divides his time between Manila and Brooklyn as a full-time artist.

Booth 25 at @artfairph
5/F The Link
16-18 February 2024

Catalogue: upon request

For work inquiries, send an EMAIL to
Instagram: @ernestconcepcion


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