Dept. of Food Defense

The Department of Food Defense and Mass Destruction
ink on acetate, drawing installation, approx. 96 x 120 in. 2010

“Scientists have been thinking of ways to make animals provide more food: to make fruits and vegetables bigger, to make chickens contain more drumsticks than they could possibly provide, and the list goes on. This drawing installation refers to the ugly possibility of food that “sustains,” using the wrong methods. As technology rapidly processes and experiments with food and other substances that claim to make us healthy, what we put into our bodies slowly become unrecognizable, and we begin rapidly losing our connection with nature itself, like robots being fed by robots. In tampering with food products that are supposed to nourish us, we in fact create an opposite and horrifying effect: the possible downfall of the human civilization.”

Installed during PROVISIONS, an exhibition exploring the social implications of food at the Nathan Cummings Foundation, NY, Fall 2010.