Diptych 2021

This diptych represents two deconstructed ships made for travel, or for battle. Depending on how they are installed side by side – they could be leaving from a certain point or made to collide with each other. Either way, they’re moving, in flux, signifying travel — destination unknown. Much like what the world is undergoing right now, we simply have to “LEAVE IT TO THE GODS“. We have a saying here, “Bahala Na Si Batman” – Bahala from the word, ‘Bathala’ – a supreme deity who created the universe from Filipino myths. Do we leave our fate to Batman? or to the Bats? Didn’t the virus come from Bats??! Nonetheless, we travel onward. Amidst technology, robot hands, and whatnot – let the universe bring us to wherever it wants.

A WILDLIFE PERSPECTIVE” is a return to ourselves, to our past, our ancestors, and our animal instincts. This may be a tumultuous time, but it is also a grand opportunity to reflect. A deeper reckoning with our being as we dispose of mental sludge akin to a battleship dumping toxic waste and unnecessary weight into the void for ease of travel. Do you feel lighter?

These are merely my initial thoughts when I was working on these pieces. More often than not, I was simply “in the zone” and let whatever imagery, feeling, and vibe come out from my brain, into my hands, and onto the surface. I treat my pieces like an open book, a giant sketchpad on the wall and I simply work on it as time goes by. Certainly, the signs of the times have a great effect and influence on the pieces. I’ve always considered artworks as “archeological relics” – signifying the nature of what was happening during their creation – artists merely conduits between the natural and the supernatural.


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