The Crux Of Things


West Wing & Lobby Galleries (First Floor)
June 17 – July 17, 2014

The Crux of Things unravels into an all-encompassing exhibition, submerging both space and viewers into a larger-than-life critique of the contemporary art world. By expanding further from his previous work, Ernest Concepcion leaps from contained, hand-carry dimensions into an uncontained, monumental scale. This not only marks a momentous return home for the artist but also serves as the ultimate real-life experience of an organized, aesthetic clash that appears as a painterly starburst throughout the expanse of this exhibition.

The exhibition connects with the nature of pseudo religions and myths. Colors are permanent as they shift to a series of more lucid, runny lines. Much like the art world, the material appears wet even when it is dry—illusory yet dynamic. Concepcion returns to enamel, his medium of study, in order to explore the random, fortuitous dripped surface over one that is placid and composed. These reflect different notions of “the light” that are all liquescent in a majestic detonation of religion, transparency, chrome and gloss. (Jill Conner)

THE CRUX OF THINGS was made possbile in cooperation with Light & Space Contemporary.