The Line Wars (2002-06)

The Line Wars

From squirrels vs. bugs to tables vs. chairs, to cowboys vs. aliens and cookies vs. milk, The Line Wars is a personal commitment to drawing perpetually anything imaginable engaged in conflict.

The drawings emerged from sketches and doodles, the most rudimentary expression of visual thinking. Lines, being the simplified beginning of a drawing, are akin to our most basic subconscious processes and inner thoughts. The images are based on the entertainment of childhood and adolescence. Video games, action figures, strategy board games; always two forces opposing one another. Each panel encapsulates a single battle which when viewed en masse take on epic proportions. The Line Wars is a celebration of childhood, of making impulsive, nonchalant drawings and a highly personal journey into nostalgia and an homage to geekdom. Using a single type of pen on a single type of paper, it is a reductive inquiry into the process of artmaking.

As a continually growing series, The Line Wars is a part of my daily routine, my life; drawing while waiting for the buses or for the eggs to cook (hmmm…eggs vs. buses?).