Sitting Nude : photographs on monobloc chair, 1999

“Ernest Concepcion expands this discourse in his “Nude Chair” and literally adds human interest to a generic piece of plastic furniture by plastering every surface area with close-up snapshots of bare flesh. The monoblock chair is upholstered in virtual leather – albeit human skin. Looking like something from “Silence of the Lambs”, the work elicits a creeping sensation of uneasiness. Though the use of the chair might seem arbitrary, this object is actually a negative template of the human body which it is specifically designed to support. Thus, there is a direct anthropomorphic link between the skin and the chair”
– Achacoso, Ronald. “Peripheral Vision: Photography 101,” TODAY, p20, August 31, 1999
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“Ernest Concepcion, for example, plays on the two dimensionality of photographs. Concepcion takes pictures of the human or animal skin and various surfaces using macro lenses. He then rips off the upper layers of photographs that contain the close-up image of skin and pastes them on three-dimensional objects like plastic chairs and metal boxes. In this process, Concepcion binds the “skin” of objects to surfaces external to it. Concepcion also conceptually gives “life” to objects by covering its surfaces with photographs of skin. ”
– Docot, Dada. “Conceptual Snapshots click with young UP photographers,” Alabang Village Voice, p4, Arts & Culture, October 7-13, 2001
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